Heavy field

Casting from

1.000–12.000 kg/pc


Heavy size castings

Hand-operated moulding shop: The largest and heaviest castings are moulded and produced in a hand-operated moulding shop by application of self-hardening mixtures based on furan resin. Modern FAT blenders ensure a high quality of the moulding mixture. The castings are limited by weight and dimensions of the air-blast machine and potentialities of the crane technology.
This technology is equipped with a new mixture regenerating system.

Technical specification:

  • The maximum frame dimensions are 7,500x 3,500 mm
  • production capacity: max. 1 frames/hour
  • weight of casting: 1.000–12.000 kg/pc.
  • moulding mixture: furan base
  • casting class accuracy: ČSN EN ISO 8062-3, CT 12-14

Core production - Cold - Box method:

  • sand preparation plant ŽM3
  • core making machines shooter LAEMPE - core volume "40" and KS12
  • equipped with a core dipping and drying facility
  • Large cores are produced from self-hardening mixtures by blenders with an hourly performance of five tons


Shot BLASTING machines:

  • A continuous chamber air-blaster SPENCER HALSTEAD where the nozzles blast together or separately.
  • continuous GEORG FISCHER air-blaster
  • smaller suspension chamber air-blaster for cleaning complicated casts


  • The casts are painted in a new spray booth.

Heat treatment:

  • There is an annealing furnace for removal of internal tension.


  • We provides all machining types in our owner company ZPA Pečky. Please see www.zpe-pecky.cz