Production of castings from 5–100 kg/pc.

Middle size casting from Semi-automatic line


Production of castings from 5–100 kg/pc.

Automatic BMD moulding line: This flexible technology satisfies requirements for small, but also medium and larger series production. The variety is diverse, from brake drums and discs, wheel hubs, body casings, pump casings, pumps, up to demanding casts for pressure distributors.

Technical specification:

  • box size max. 890x690x300/300 mm
  • production capacity: max. 50 tons/hour
  • weight of casting: 5–100 kg/pc.
  • moulding mixture: bentonite mixture
  • casting class accuracy: ČSN EN ISO 8062-3, CT 10

Core production - Cold - Box method:

  • sand preparation plant ŽM3
  • core making machines shooter LAEMPE - core volume "40" and KS12.
  • equipped with a core dipping and drying facility
  • Large cores are produced from self-hardening mixtures by blenders with an hourly performance of five tons

Shot BLASTING machines:

  • A continuous chamber air-blaster SPENCER HALSTEAD where the nozzles blast together or separately.
  • continuous GEORG FISCHER air-blaster
  • smaller suspension chamber air-blaster for cleaning complicated casts


  • The casts are painted in a new spray booth.

Heat treatment:

  • There is an annealing furnace for removal of internal tension.


  • We provides all machining types in our owner company ZPA Pečky. Please see