Production of magnesium and aluminium castings

The foundry complex is located on the former ČKD premises in Hradec Králové near an intended junction of highways to Poland, Liberec, Prague and Ostrava. The production area of the foundry plant is 9 362 m2.

In the foundry shop we manufacture castings of magnesium alloys AZ91 and AZ63 and aluminium alloys ČSN 42 4331 and ČSN 42 4339. We are also capable to cast castings of other magnesium alloys (e.g. RZ5, ML5, AZ81, WE43,…) and aluminium alloys after a previous consultancy.

The castings are delivered according to the customer’s requirements – heat treated, pickled (in the case of magnesium alloys), with the chemical analysis, metallographic evaluation, X-ray, mechanical tests (strength, hardness, notch toughness).

The magnesium and aluminium castings are cast using the technology ofgravity casting to sand moulds or metal moulds. The moulds are formed manually, by a machine or shooted using the Cold Box technology. Cores are made either by manual ramming (bentonite or furan mixture) or by the Cold Box method. The production of castings is mainly oriented on the manufacture of magnesium and aluminium castings with complex shapes (car wheel disks, the so-called electrons, vibration boards, hand tools, components for aircraft engines etc.) which are delivered to the customers in the fields of general engineering, aircraft and automotive industry.

Weights of the magnesium and aluminium castings manufactured in our company range from 0.05 kg up to 150 kg. A higher weight of Mg and Al castings is certainly acceptable, but a consultancy is needed.

Other products from the magnesium and aluminium foundry plant are special Mg anodes for the anticorrosion protection of electric hot water tanks.

We provide the entire production process from a design and pattern equipment making to the machining of castings including the assembly as described in your drawing documentation.

The foundry is validated in accordance with ČSN EN 9100.